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Adam Plouff & RubberHose

If you're into motion graphics and animation on any level, you need to be following Adam Plouff. Adam is an Atlanta-based designer and animator who runs the small studio called Battle Axe. I love following Adam's work because he is the epitome of the "work smarter not harder" expression.

Adam has started releasing beta versions and teasers of some of tools he's developing. I got to play with the beta release of ChemTrails and love it.  Recently, Adam's been posting character animation tests for a tool called RubberHose. While it still hasn't been released, he did post a teaser screencast of him using it and it looks incredible.

It looks as if RubberHose isn't far from release, so make sure you head over to and subscribe to the newsletter. I can testify that I don't get any useless emails from it and have thankfully been able to play with some of the beta releases he's sent out.