Carpenter Creative


Hi. I'm Barry Carpenter, a freelance designer and animator based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I craft stories with motion, illustration, design, and code to advance the endeavors of meaningful brands.

When not working, you may find me skateboarding with my squad (Gwyneth 7 & Gideon 5), getting lost in the woods, or back porch sitting with my wife.

Good Vibes

"Barry is a pleasure to work with and that's an understatement. It's hard to find hardworking, honest people who you can trust deeply. It's also hard to find really good artists, who are deeply talented, with an exceptional feel for what works. To find someone who is both, well that's a unicorn. But Barry...he's both. He's a unicorn. If you get the chance to work with Barry, do it. He's the real-deal and I have loved working with him from day one. "

- Charlie Matz, CEO + Partner, VeracityColab

"Barry's creative direction and ability in storytelling, brought cohesive branding to our national brand, resulting in increased viewership and revenue."

- Jacqueline Gallup, VP of Programming, Sky Angel LLC.

"Barry was easy to work with because he was open to my ideas, regularly solicited feedback and didn't belittle me even when it was obvious that my ideas for the project weren't effective or realistic. In addition, he was never defensive when I questioned his creative choices. He simply explained to me what motivated his decisions and helped me understand why the choices made were best for the project overall."

- Aaron Martin, Pastor for Discipleship, Concord Baptist Church

"Barry has a great eye for composition and good instincts for design...he is a great team player who really seeks to solve problems creatively, working well with others to get the job done."

- Brian Woodlief, Designer & Web Developer, Precept Ministries International